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Model: EcoSmart Fire Custom Firebox © Rising Glen
Free Shipping* on Bioethanol Fuel (up to 40 gallons). If shipping to Yucon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nanavut or Newfoundland a custom shipping quote is required.

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Free Shipping on Fuel* (up to 40 gallons)
*Custom Quote required to Yucon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nanavut or Newfoundland

e-NRG Bioethanol

Learn About

Learn About

Achieving a beautiful, vibrant flame in your ethanol fireplace is easy when you choose the right fuel.

Why Bioethanol?
Safety Information

Safety Information

Don't take any risks. We go above and beyond to make sure e-NRG is the safest bioethanol available.

Safety First
Contact Us

Contact Us

We're here to help, so if you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact our team of specialists.

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Why e-NRG?

Achieving a beautiful, vibrant flame in your bioethanol
fireplace is easy when you use the right fuel.

  • Best Flame
    e-NRG is specifically formulated to produce a vibrant orange flame.
  • Clean Burning
    Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in - no smoke, no soot, no ash.
  • Lowest Odor
    We use only the highest quality ingredients for the purest experience.
  • Longest Burning Time
    Tested against a multitude of formulas to ensure it burns for the longest time.
  • Order Online
    Conveniently delivered to your door. Shop now.
  • Flame Arrester
    Our bottles are fitted with a flame arrester which makes it the safest available.


e-NRG is defining some of the most beautiful
bioethanol fire installations across the globe.

Featured In

World-class establishments count on e-NRG to fuel their
bioethanol fireplaces day and night.

Our EcoSmart Fire was the only source of heating we could use during Superstorm Sandy to ensure patients were able to keep warm – and the e-NRG bioethanol was delivered to us reliably throughout this emergency.
Dr. Leonard Farber Founder Farber Center for Radiation Oncology
In my opinion, your bioethanol lasts longer, burns slower, and throws out more heat as well.
Dian Ritche Happy Customer